The Wellspring

“A well of water, springing up to eternal life…”


“A well of water, springing up to eternal life…”

That’s the way Jesus described the life He has to give. It satisfies our thirst, touching and refreshing even the deepest reaches of our souls. The Wellspring exists to pour His water. Life is hard enough as it is. You don’t have to do this alone. We dare to believe what Jesus has said so we spend a lot of time in His Word.

Maybe you're a believer already, just browsing Christian sites. We're glad you found us. Hit the 'menu' button and look around. 'Chat with us', let's pray for one another. Let's get acquainted.

Maybe you're a skeptic. You're welcome too! We would love to get to know you. Ask your hard questions and we'll do our best to honestly answer them. Don't be shy.

Your background, your reputation, none of that matters. It is our very certain hope to bring you a step closer to knowing Jesus Christ. He already knows all about you and now, we want to help you know Him.