The Wellspring

“A well of water, springing up to eternal life…”

the Refuge

There is real hope.

Not another chance in an endless string of “second chances”, but another kind of life.

Anyone is subject to addiction and everyone may be affected by it.

We offer an array of options from weekly ‘hope’ meetings designed for both the addict seeking new life and his ‘support’ group, families, friends, etc.; everyone who feels the pain and strain of the addiction, to a pathway of recovery, including detox centers, safe houses for both men and women, and long term treatment centers.

For many people, ‘hope’ is beyond their reach. Treatment can be expensive and insufficient.
A full treatment plan, with better than an 85% success rate ( over a 4 year period of follow up), is available free of charge.

Let’s get started!

the Refuge is an arm of Safer Communities Ministries

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